MISSION-Reach Out! Extend A Loving Hand!

Hand out 'On A Rugged Mountain' A Glimpse of Jesus to the unreachable-On Our City Streets, Anywhere! Everywhere!

It is HIS Work,

HIS Story,

HIS Mission.

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Extend A Loving Hand: Give 'Hope Lives, A little Picture Book' To people in Critical Care Centers
in Your Town, Anywhere! Everywhere!

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The Holy Spirit Struck These Words, Right Into My Heart! And Inspired This Ministry.

We are all looking forward to Jesus' very soon return, oh yes.   But who among us will be the happy ones at that time?  People are dying in Critical Care Centers, in hospitals, in lonely cells, on the street, everywhere around us.  God is giving lazy ones like me a last chance to share HIS Love with those whose lives we touch.     As the years went by,  the very days that I wanted to go visit someone in a hospital,  Assisted Living Home, or help someone I saw on the street;  I just caved; it often made me light headed,  I couldn't approach them.  I would be miserable for a long time afterward.  Often I temporarily overcame my shyness trying to help.  But was still constricted.  The Lord helped me to developed the concept of a little booklet called "Calvary" that many of you are already familiar with, a booklet designed for the homeless on our city streets, ( I had moved into the country many miles out from any city), therefore not available to reach out to the homeless anymore.  So wanted to send something to the "unreachable" on street corners.  I worked on it for a long time developing exerts of the story of Jesus on Calvary.  with a small "gift" inserted.  We handed out not a few.  But it was imperfect and expensive to print.  Then after reading this quotation copied here:  it occurred to me that I find it easy and comforting to go to sing on certain Sabbaths with other christian friends.  But I needed something in my hand to approach the individuals personally.  O what a break-through!  God has inspired and says repeatedly , "GO"  It is HIS work, HIS ministry.  The Holy Spirit has blessed this venture to so great a degree that it is my constant prayer to hand a booklet and get acquainted with hurting individuals in as many places as possible.   I hope to be doing this when our Dear Savior comes to take you, and me, and those dear ones home.  God bless you all.

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