2minVideo MY STORY

The idea of getting back into a class was most attractive to me.

So, signed up, lugged all my gear up the steep, old stairs and sat at the large<br>

table with 5 other students, where I was assigned.<br>

It felt really nice just to be there-learning with fellow artists.<br>

One of the guys blurted out,  “You won’t be the same after taking this class!”

Walter addressed me personally, in his deep German accent,<br>

“Forget about what you already know, come each night to my class willing<br>

to increase your knowledge and skill, then I can help you.”

Since those days, I too have become known for that wonderful<br>

Old Master’s Glazing Technique in my Portrait Works and have enjoyed<br>

teaching it to not a few artists myself.

Many people say:  “I wish I could paint like you!  But I just don’t have any talent.<br>

I can’t even draw a straight line.”   Then, over and over, I hear this from people:<br>

I could draw pretty good in high school, but I lost “it” somewhere along the way.<br>

My career, my family, my degree,… seems like everything got in the way.”

I watch people in their life journey still wishing, still longing to do and be.

But Now, now, is your golden opportunity.!<be>
Change Your Life!   Come Paint With Me!!<br>
You, Grandma Moses, and I will take a little journey<br>
Lets  LIVE the Artist’s Life for awhile, just for fun!

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